Curious how to tackle chronic conditions using Yoga
without pain and discomfort?  
Rose Middleton Yoga Teacher
Therapeutic 1:1 Yoga 8 Session Package
Yoga specific to your needs and schedule
Nelson New Zealand CBD clinic

What is 1:1 Yoga for Therapy?

Together, we look at what functional yoga and movement means for you, some common areas of movement reduction and how yoga can help restore movement and flexibility.

A functional movement approach to yoga practice helps to intelligently and systematically strengthen, stretch, stabilize and mobilize the body, unwinding the movement patterns and conditioning built up over years; free the body and mind ... enabling you to sense that freedom of movement again.

How Can 1:1 Yoga Help Me?

A program of 8 yoga sessions will be designed specifically for you by an experienced health professional & yoga instructor.  This will safely translate off the mat and into your everyday life – bending, twisting, stretching, balance and stillness and much more. 

For beginners, the aim may be to re-discover how your body moves and works, or alternatively gain the confidence to join one of the local regular group classes.

For those more experienced, there is an opportunity for guided practice in a relaxed personal space.

Who is your Trainer?

Rose Middleton Registered Nurse, Master of Nursing, Yoga Teacher - IRYT200, ph360 endorsed coach

I’ve worked in health for nearly 40 years in New Zealand and overseas including relevant experience in surgery and general practice through to injury management and rehabilitation. I balance my role as a director in an integrative health practice with my interest in teaching Yoga. 

In my Yoga world, I work One on One, lead classes at Studio Evolve and at the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board.  I also assist with training workshops for yoga teacher trainees.  Nelson Bays PHO has approved me as a provider for ‘Community Group Balance and Strength’ in Nelson.

One on One, I am interested in sharing a broad range of yoga styles, from Vinyasa Flow & Hatha through to Yin & Restorative, personalizing a program suitable for you. There is a therapeutic approach in a therapeutic setting.

I love working with people and supporting them in rediscovering how their bodies can come back to movement that is meaningful in their daily lives.

Over all these years of working with and observing people and their bodies, I know that we all have the ability to change our health direction and to live well.

What clients are saying:

"I have really enjoyed the time and can't believe how much better I feel! You are a fabulous and inspiring teacher."

"Rose is an engaging teacher. She wants her class to feel the spectrum of energy, calmness, oneness or just total body and mind acceptance depending on where you are on the day. She is calm and compassionate with her teaching as she gives options for times when you have an injury or are low on energy reserves. Rose explains every asana, posture or movement very clearly. I'm never lost in her class! Whenever I have completed a class of Rose's, I always walk away feeling strong, capable, free and complete just as I am in that moment. Rose is a treasure and I wish everyone can experience her teaching gifts."

"Last night’s class was excellent and I can see it has a place in our balance and strength initiative. I especially love the gentle way you communicate with your class and how you go over and over essential cues in the hope we move the right body part in the right way to get the best result, for our individual body.   You are a fabulous Instructor Rose  and you have  a nice rapport with your audience.  It is obvious to see your wealth of knowledge and passion for Yoga and  I am happy to have you on board."

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